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Single ended S/PDIF cable

The development of the next generation single-ended S/PDIF cable has started a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, the first prototype has been tested and the results are very encouraging!

The first concept of our new S/PDIF cable is based on a 75Ω coax made of silver-plated copper. The 75Ω RCA plugs ensure optimum coupling, minimizing reflections due to impedance differences between cable and plug and between plug and chassis. The cable has a ground shield that can be connected directly to the central ground of the Sygnus X-1. This shield ensures that the immunity to electromagnetic radiation becomes much greater, resulting in less jitter and a much more stable connection.

Last week this cable was extensively tested at Analog Audio Products and compared with a number of other high quality S/PDIF cables (both single ended and balanced). The results were very encouraging, the cable outperformed all other cables in the test!

The next step is to optimize the cable to make it production ready.


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