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The Power Cable that provides a 

solid base for your Audio System

Nexum Power Cables

The Nexum P series power cables provide high quality power connections for your audio equipment.

Standard available cables

Power cables are available in different lengths and with different terminals. On request also other configurations can be manufactured.


Nexum P-100SE

Nexum P-200SE

Nexum P-300SE


100 cm

200 cm

300 cm

Terminal #1

EU Power Plug

EU Power Plug

EU Power Plug

Terminal #2




The C13 plus is equipped with a locking system, which means that it can only be disengaged when the locking is released. Accidental release of this plug is therefore impossible.

How does it work?

The structure of the cable is such that it acts as little as possible as an antenna. In addition, the filter function of the cable is tuned for optimal sound reproduction. To achieve this, the following important aspects form the basis of these power cables:

  • Optimized frequency behavior

The frequency dependent impedance of the cable is tuned using passive components, optimizing it for good sound reproduction. 

  • Active Shielding


Since a cable is also an antenna that receives electromagnetic radiation (EMR), effective shielding makes a big difference.

“A power cord is a filter and an antenna”


Choosing the right power cables is very important for optimal sound reproduction. Power cables are intended for transferring energy, but they also have undesirable properties. They act as a filter and antenna. The choice of power cable therefore has a major influence on the quality of the sound reproduction.

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