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Feel free to contact us about improving the sound quality of your audio system with our Sygnus X-1 audio power conditioner and our mains and ground cables. Find out what this can do for you.

Sygnus X-1

Breathe new life into your audio system with the Sygnus X-1. This mains power filter and distribution unit significantly improves the sound quality of audio systems.

The Sygnus X-1 is a power processor and distribution unit that provides a clean power supply for audio equipment. Both the noise from the mains and the noise caused by the individual audio components are reduced, resulting in a significant improvement in the sound quality of your audio system.

Sygnus X-1 Voorzijde RAL7021.JPG
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Nexum P

Power cables as a solid base for sound quality.

Because a power cable is also a filter and an antenna, the right choice of cable forms the basis for optimal sound reproduction. The Nexum P series power cables provide a good foundation for your audio system

Power cable.jpg
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Nexum G

Ground cables for unprecedented sound quality improvement.

The ground is used as a reference in an audio system, making a good ground connection is crucial for optimal sound reproduction. The Nexum G Series grounding cables provide high quality grounding connections.

Aarde kabel vierkant.jpg
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