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Sygnus X-1 board.png

Sygnus X-1

The next generation 

Power Conditioner for

your Audio System

Sygnus X-1 

The Sygnus X-1 is a mains power supply and distribution unit that provides a clean power supply for audio equipment. Both the noise from the mains and the noise caused by the individual audio components are reduced, resulting in a significant improvement in the sound quality of your audio system.

How does it work?


The Sygnus X-1 reduces common mode and differential mode noise, making your audio system sound significantly better. Four key components in this audio power conditioner are responsible for improving sound quality: 

  • Galvanic isolation

The system provides galvanically isolated power outputs, which means that the 230VAC outputs are isolated from the mains. This eliminates most of the common mode noise, which is the key for creating a stable ground as a reference in your audio system.

  • Balanced power outputs

The outputs contains two phases of 115VAC each, with respect to ground. This ensures that the differential mode noise is balanced with respect to ground. As a result, the differential mode noise will drain less current to the ground, which results is a cleaner groundfor your audio system.

  • Dedicated audio ground

For further improvement, the Sygnus X-1 offers the option to disconnect from the protective earth provided by the wall outlet. This way a dedicated audio groundcan be created to optimize the stability of the ground and power of the audio system.

  • Input and output filters

Filters are applied to both the input and output to fine-tune the system to your liking. These filters can be set when the system is turned on, providing the unique ability to instantly hear the effect of a change in filter settings.

Safety features

The system is equipped with standard safety features, such as a thermal overload protection and a fuse at the input. In addition, the integrated control system constantly monitors the earth leakage current as well as the voltage between the protective earth and the dedicated audio ground. When one of these exceeds the safety threshold, the system is shut down.

“An audio system is as good as its power supply”


This is because the power supply is in the loop of the electrical parts that generate and amplify the audio. But you can also state that an audio system is as good as the quality of the mains power, because the electricity grid is part of the power supply.


Since pollution on the mains is increasing due to the proliferation of (bad) electrical appliances, such as LED lighting and smartphone chargers, it makes sense to see what can be done locally to improve the power quality for your audio system.


Installing a good line conditioner and the use of a dedicated System Ground will almost always breathe new life into an audio system.

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