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Breathe new life into your audio system

 with the Sygnus X-1 mains power filter


Audio Systems

From his interest in high-end audio systems, Ronald Haandrikman has decades of experience in composing and optimizing audio systems. With his background in electrical engineering, he has also developed various preamplifiers and class A and AB power amplifiers.

In response to a market demand for the use of isolation transformers as a mains filter for high-end audio systems, he has developed the Sygnus X-1. During the first tests, it turned out that this mains filter has enormous added value for audio systems. This, in combination with the unique functionality of this system, has led to the entry of the high-end audio market in 2022.

Many audio enthusiasts who own a high-end audio system are constantly looking for ways to improve the sound quality. This search includes, for example, experimenting with other cables, feet or audio components. Insufficient attention is often paid to the influence of pollution on the mains and the protective earth, while there is a lot to be gained here.

Pollution of the mains and the protective earth has a greater impact on sound quality than many people think.

Noise on the mains and ground almost never manifests itself in obvious ways, such as hum or other audible noise, but rather hides itself in the background. This results for example in haze, too much sharpness, limitation of dynamics, loss of musical details or reduction of spatiality. Usually it is a combination of these unwanted effects.

Do you think you have no problem? You probably have, but it's not until you've solved the problem that you'll hear what you've missed.

Sygnus X-1

Sygnus X-1 Power and Ground Conditioner.png

Power cables

Nexum Power Cord.jpg

Ground cables

Nexum Earth Cable - Nexum G-200SB.jpg
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