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Sygnus X-1 review

Updated: Aug 11

Review of the Sygnus X1 by Wim van Kraanen, owner of Analogue Audio Products in Nieuwegein.

Analogue Audio Products has published an extensive review of the Sygnus X-1 on its website. Wim van Kraanen has followed the development of this product up close and has written a wonderful review based on his enthusiasm.

(…) “There was more playing together. More humane. There was more drive, much clearer placement and depth in the image. The sharpness of the violin was converted into definition of sound. The bass got fuller and with more pressure. Very nice! With the Sygnus X-1 the music remained exciting and I listened with great involvement. And that while I had played this piece so many times before.” (…)

(…) “The piano came and it was very clear that the intrusiveness had turned into harmony and definition. And at the same time, the piano also sounded a little more powerful. The grittiness of the percussion was significantly less and the bass sounded deeper in the low end. In the next track I could clearly hear two strings being played at the same time. The space sounded less limited and the extinction of sounds in the space lasted longer. The whole sounded more dynamic and it was more a representation of people playing together instead of listening to a few instruments.” (…)

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