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Updated Nexum Power Cable

New power plugs for the Nexum Power cables not only look better but also give a boost the quality of the sound reproduction. 

Nexum Power Cord showing both C13 and Schuko plug
Nexum P200-SE Power Cord for high-end audio applications

Another improvement of the Nexum Power cables. Because the plastic plug looks a bit cheap, all plugs have been updated to a version with a stainless steel housing. During development, the latest insights were also incorporated to further improve the sound quality of the connected audio set.

On January 5, we conducted an A-B test at Analogue Audio Products. Wim van Kraanen's reference set is a fantastic environment for this type of testing. Once you start listening, the results never take long to appear. This new cable once again appears to provide a nice improvement in the sound quality. Compared to its predecessor, the image is somewhat larger and the placement of the instruments is better.

This cable is top class and is an asset to any audio set.


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